Sell Your Diamond

When you visit another gold or jewelry buyer, you may see your diamond thrown on a scale along with scrap gold, and broken chains. Those buyers don’t see your diamond for what it is – a precious stone to be valued and respected individually, and very CAREFULLY.  You Jewelers & Boutique’s lead diamond buyer Jonathan Flint who was certified by The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) & The Diamond Council of America (DCA) has over 15 years of experience with grading and dealing in diamonds.


When he evaluates a diamond he bases his appraisal on the quality of what is known as the Four "C's":

​Cut Color Clarity Carat Weight

We always encourage our guests to visit other jewelry buyers, sit in their offices, and hear what they have to say about your diamond(s) or diamond jewelry before shipping it out to us. We are confident that our jewelry buyer's knowledge, attention to detail, friendliness, and professionalism are completely unparalleled. Fill out the detailed form here today, and allow us the opportunity of showing YOU why we are the best place in the UNITED STATES to sell your diamond(s), and diamond jewelry. Contact us today!

How It Works

Imagine being able to securely, and confidently sell your diamonds & diamond jewelry without ever having to leave the comfort of your own home. We at You Jewelers & Boutique are able to offer the same exceptional and outstanding services NATION WIDE. Our knowledgeable and expert (GIA) certified buyers can make the very same cash offers to those guests who decide to ship their loose diamonds and diamond jewelry to us, as to those guests who are able to visit us in person. The entire transaction will be through a live video feed, and our esteemed guests from all around the country will be able to be in our office with us in real time as we are given the privilege to appraise, value, grade, and observe your diamond treasures. Our highly secured shipping process is very simple, and easy with absolutely no cost to YOU! We completely guarantee your absolute satisfaction, or we will return your items(s) at no expense to you, whatsoever.


YOUR DIAMOND IS SPECIAL! At You Jewelers & Boutique we know that no two diamonds are alike, and that each has its own unique characteristics and value. With over 25 years of combined experience we can offer best-in-class professional and personalized appraisals.