Sell jewelry and other luxury gift assets without ever leaving the comfort of your home.

We provide the same excellent cash offers to clients who ship us their jewelry, watch, and diamond assets, as those who visit us in person.


Step 1: Fill Out Our Online Form & Provide Us With a Few Details

Fill out our very easy to use online form. Do your very best to provide us with as much detail as you possibly can concerning your item(s).


Make sure to write a paragraph or two about your item(s) and upload any scans of any lab reports, certificates, receipts, appraisals or certificates of authenticity that you may possibly possess.


Step 2: Receive Your Free of Charge In-Depth Phone Consultation

Receive Your Free of Charge In-Depth Phone Consultation. After we at You Jewelers & Boutique receive the detailed information that you were able to provide our Lead Estate Buyer, Founder, and (GIA) Certified Gemologist Jonathan M. Flint will personally contact you within 24 hours.


In this totally free of charge consultation you will receive an initial appraisal of your item(s). After Jonathan has spoken to you in person, and has given you your free phone consultation we will then send you a free of charge OVERNIGHT [FedEx] shipping label, and or package in which to ship your jewelry, diamond(s), or luxury timepiece(s) back to us.


Step 3: Comfortably, Easily, & Securely Ship Your Item(s) at No Charge

Send us your fine jewelry piece(s), diamond(s), or luxury timepiece(s) very securely with a properly insured FedEx Overnight package/shipping label. All parcels/packages will be totally insured through FedEx up to the highest determined value of your luxury item(s) that we both had agreed, and decided upon together during our initial complimentary phone consultation.

Give us a call by phone (619) 715-3601, or contact us by email ( to be able to request, and receive a free of charge complimentary FedEx shipping label/parcel and detailed shipping instructions. This shipping label will be usable for up to (7) days after you’ve received the package.

After you’ve properly prepared and organized your package, and you’ve followed all of our detailed instructions you; furthermore, will then attach the label to the outer box. you can then drop it off to a FedEx representative behind the counter at any FedEx location that may be closest to you. Be absolutely sure that the representative scans your package and gives you an actual PRINTED RECEIPT showing proof of shipment, and also you must ensure that a TRACKING NUMBER is on the receipt as well showing adequate proof that item has been properly delivered.  


All of our packages/parcels are securely insured by The FedEx Jewelry Shipping Program, which specializes in insuring high value jewelry pieces(s), diamond(s), and Luxury Timepiece(s). “The FedEx® Declared Value Advantage service gives eligible shippers the opportunity to declare a value of up to $100,000 per shipment on specialty items like jewelry, gemstones, and precious metals. FedEx Declared Value Advantage provides service throughout the U.S. and to select international locations.” You can learn more by clicking HERE

The shipping process is simple, highly secure, and comes with owner Jonathan Flint's guarantee of complete satisfaction, or we will return your items at our expense.

Step #4 – Review, Accept, & Receive A CASH Offer


After we’ve received your jewelry, diamond(s), or luxury timepiece(s) we will then very respectfully, and gently open the FedEx box in real time in our secure offices under recorded video surveillance with at least two buyers to witness the condition of your item(s) in the package that you’ve sent us. Which, will guarantee the absolute, utmost, and greatest security for your treasured heirlooms.


Our Lead Estate Buyer, Founder, and (GIA) Certified Gemologist Jonathan Matthew Flint will then properly, and formally appraise your fine jewelry piece(s), diamond(s), or luxury timepiece(s) while he is on the phone with you in real time. After Jonathan and his associate have completed their evaluation we will then confer to you our very best CASH offer. You are under absolutely NO OBLIGATION to accept our offer.  

Step #5 – Receive Your CASH Offer Within 24 Hours

Upon accepting our cash offer, we would issue your payment through a bank wire transfer from Bank of America, a cashier’s check from Bank of America, or PayPal within as little as 24 hours. If you were to decide that you didn’t want to sell us your fine jewelry piece(s), diamond(s), or luxury timepiece(s), we at You Jewelers & Boutique would ship your item(s) back to you immediately, at our expense, overnight, and fully insured at absolutely no cost to you!

We at You Jewelers & Boutique want you to feel comfortable, and confident in knowing that you’re receiving the best information, service, and offer that is available to you. we look forward to be able to serve YOU! Give us a call today, and allow us the honor & the privilege of proving that YOU can count on us!